Larry Kenny -- Project portfolio

Roll Along

The first four measures of this song came to me in a dream, lyrics and all. In the dream, a dog was listening to the song on a mountaintop, in case that means anything to you.

The rest of the song came without too much trouble as well. I tried to let the melody guide the song, which I think gave it a good simplicity, though it did lead me to that nice finger-tangling D♭13 chord - probably the first time I've used such a chord (for a reason other than "I wonder if I can stick a 13th chord in here somewhere?"). When I got a bit stuck I listened to Gershwin songs, though the initial inspiration is surely almost all thanks to Michael Bublé. One melodic phrase also borrows from a theme from Chrono Trigger, because why not?


Sometimes you say things, and I don't listen
I'd rather just hear the sound of your voice
and yes it would be nice to last forever but
the only thing I ever wanted to do
is roll along with you

Sometimes I say things, and I don't mean them.
I hope that you do the same thing too
'cuz I don't think the truth sounds any better and
the only thing I ever wanted to do
is roll along with you

(You) and I have something kind of special that's keeping us together
so please don't try and say that you can read the future, not even a day
I don't want to see - I'm scared that you might not be there with me
so let's stop watching the forecast, and look at the sky

Sometimes I kiss you when I don't want to
it never takes long before I do
and seeing you wrapped up in my sweater
reminds me how all that I wanted to do
is roll along with you


Sometimes you tell me you think you love me
and sometimes I say, I think so too
well I don't know if thinking's as good as doing but
I do know the only thing I want to do
is roll along with you